Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Perfect Coordinates Outfit Tutorial

Hey everyone, I'm back ! This time with a double tutorial ! I'm calling it the perfect coordinates outfit because i think it's a perfect way to showcase 2 coordinating fabrics.

The top is easy to get on a wiggly body and has no buttons, zippers or any other kinds of closures. It simply knots at the top. 

The shorts have a flat front ,an elastic back and shirred legs....and of course an extra cute bow in the front. It only took a yard of my main fabric and a quarter of coordinating fabric to make.The pattern is in size 6-9 months.

Enjoy these free patterns and tutorial after the jump 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thrifty Look #2 Fresh Prince

As i was rummaging through the racks at the thrift store I found a "swisshy" suit straight from the 90's. I remeber seeing old pictures of myself with a pink and purple one lol. Everyone had a "swisshy" suit in the 90's. It reminded me of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air " so I had to have it. I was so happy when i seen it was juju's size and even happier when i seen the price. I paid $4 for the suit. Its my favorite thrift store find right now....next to the brown shoes that go with everything lol.

The Fat Quarter Top Tutorial

Please excuse my teething model :)

So just about everyone that sews ...or attempts to sew has a fat quarter lying around somewhere. I wanted to try to make something other than a tote and wearable. I came up with this one shoulder top. It's easy to slip on my wiggling 9 month old and is perfect for the upcoming summer. The best thing about this is Joanns sometimes runs a 99 cent sale on fat quarters which makes this top not only cute but cheap lol.

All you need is a fat quarter and one package of bias tape. And of course all other basic supplies. So lets get started.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Modern Hippie Pants Tutorial

I love skinny pants but every girl should have a least one pair of wide legged pants. I could never find any mini ones at the store so i came up with my own. Available to you for personal use only, size 9 months.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thrifty Look #1 The Bruno

Ok so in the intro I expressed my love of thrifting. I love thrifting because you will not find a better price or look from any of the major retail stores.

So here's thrifting look #1 ...Ill call it the Bruno (i love Bruno Mars)
This entire look (entire meaning shoes included) cost about $9

Generation Next

     Im sure im not the only one frustrated at the clothing choices out there for kids . I hate going into large retail stores and buying a $20 pair of pants. Only to try to squeeze them on my kids, the next month and they wont even button. Kids out grow things to quickly to spend a lot of money their clothing.
     Last summer I decided I would take it anymore. I brought a sewing machine and got to work. Through blogs, lots of google searches and hours on pinterest I have taught myself how to sew. Now I feel like im at a place to help others. I love being able to make the kids things. In this blog I will share my sewing knowledge (funny joke) and offer free patterns with picture tutorials. I will also show you how thrifting can be fun and very worth it. I love going thrifting !! 

If you like my blog please comment and follow so I wont get discouraged and stop blogging lol