Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Modern Hippie Pants Tutorial

I love skinny pants but every girl should have a least one pair of wide legged pants. I could never find any mini ones at the store so i came up with my own. Available to you for personal use only, size 9 months.

Doesn't my model look so adorable in them? And nothing says girly girly like bows! I love bows and I lucked up and found this fabric covered in teeny tiny bows at my thrift store for $2.You will be seeing me use this fabric again for sure.

Lets get to the tutorial ......... 


  • Pattern 1. 2. 3. 4.
  • about a yard of fabric 
  • matching thread
  • 1/2 inch elastic  
  • pins

Step 1 

Piece your pattern together and cut out 2 of each(front and back pieces). Remembering to flip over your pattern piece, so you wont end up with two of the same leg.
Also cut a 5x13.5in. and a 5.5x10in. rectangle. These are for the bow. 

Step 2  

Pin front leg to front leg and back leg to back leg along the curve. Sew in place and finish the seam.  

Step 3 
Start pinning in the center and then work your way down each  pant leg.

Next sew the crotch. It is very important to sew the crotch first. Im not the best pattern maker for one and for two you will not get a wonky crotch if you sew it first. 

After you've sewn and finished the seam your pants should look like this. Don't be alarmed that they do not match up at the sides. 

Step 4 

Regular elastic casing 
Center seam elastic casing 

Cut your elastic to 8.5 inches.Take the back of the pants and make the elastic casing. When i do this i like to sew the elastic to one end. Then i add the safety pin to the opposite end. I lay it flat and pin below it to make the casing. That way half of the hard work is already done. I like to sew a line along the center of the casing after the elastic is fed. This keeps the elastic from twisting and gives a flatter appearance. Hem the front of the pants now too..about half an inch. 

Step 5 
My pins are on the right side of the fabric because I used french seams. 

Match up the sides, pin, sew and finish the seam. 

Step 6 

Hem the pants. You could stop here, but the pants are nothing without the giant bow!

Step 7 

Fold the rectangles in half. On the longest one cut the ends at a 45 degree angle.Sew along the open ends. Cut a hole in the back side and turn inside out. Press flat. 

Step 8 

Fold the bow accordion style. Place under presser foot and sew straight down the middle. Fold the tail over once and sew down the center. 

Then stack the bow on top of the tail and sew down the center. 
Attach the bow however you like. I made a tiny loop and sewn it to the pants so it can be removed while washing. The bow slides in and out. 

Put them on your little mini modern hippie ..or a friend's and you're done. Don't forget to let me know how they turned out.


  1. sooooo cute!!!!!!!! I will be making these for baby on the way! Do you think a light weight denim would work? (that was my recent thrift store find)

  2. She & the outfit are adorable!

  3. I think light weight denim would work perfectly and they would go with anything.

    And thank you Rebecca

  4. DEFINITELY adding this to my "to-do" list! So cute!

  5. I have to make these for my one year old! Do you think it will be super difficult to alter just a little to fit over a one year old's cloth diaper booty?

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    I don't think it will be difficult at all. I would add 2 Or 3 inches to the top of the back pants pattern. And an inch down the center. Match up the crotch on the front pants pattern and your new altered pattern and make alterations to that to make a new front pattern.

    I hope that wasn't confusing

  7. You have made some really cute stuff! Great blog!